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This is the home of BTNInventory Software. Providing tools for Helpdesk and Desktop Support organizations.

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Available Software:

BTN Inventory Summary


Release Date

Scanner v2.5.0


Data Listener v1.5.0††


Remote Scanner v2.0


SDK v1.1†††


BTN Scripter Summary


Release Date

Scripter v1.0



BTN HelpDesk KB


Release Date

HelpDesk KB v1.0



BTN Inventory:

        Fast and easy to implement; you can begin collecting WMI data in minutes.

        Any reasonably powerful PC can be used as the server.

        Doesnít require a shared network drive, though it can run from one.

        Can record to one, central database (instead of multiple databases on different network drives).

        Captures users who donít login to your companyís Network Operating System.

        Less expensive than other IP inventory solutions and most shared drive based solutions.

        Pre-defined reports, which can be used immediately, and which can be modified as per your needs.

        Add your own fields to the database (requires your own client or manual entry to fill in).

        Maintains a history of each PC, so changes to the system can be viewed.

        A Remote Scanner is also available to scan PCís from one system.

        SDK available for creating your own client in Visual Basic 6 or C++.


BTN Scripter:

        Tool for Helpdesks to create web based support.

        Lets you easily create a tree based troubleshooting script using a web template page.

        You can make a .CHM compiled help file from the web pages generated.

        Examples are included.

        Can also be used to create family trees or Q&A pages.


BTN HelpDesk KB:

        Tool for Helpdesks to track specialized knowledge.

        Requires Microsoft Access 2000.